Emotional Wellness…

Emotional wellness is a state of “Being with” all that is and the ability to maintain openness, truthfulness and love. An awareness of a feeling rising without judging, running, blocking, stuffing or blaming. Ironically, the most challenging emotion for human beings to experience, is Joy. This week we will explore the many opportunities for our hearts to open and remain there. “Being with Joy” and in awareness of all the other emotions that will rise and swirl in an attempt to forebode it. It might be helpful to mention here that all emotional energy, no matter which one, when measured it exactly the same. It is only our judgement of them that creates a difference for us individually.


“For today, I will Feel Well. And therefore Be Well.”


September is Yoga Awareness month…

September is Yoga Awareness month and this week we are going to explore how Yoga yokes with the Seven Pillars of Wellness.
Yoga is a physical practice that grounds you in your body, strengthening your core and bringing into balance your whole being using the simple power of your breath.
Yoga is a commitment that draws you back to your mat where you are continuously put back in relationship with your truest self. This process of reflective awareness awakens your creativity and energizes your passion to pursue and create a more balanced and centered life.
Yoga utilizes your breath to tap into the abundant life force of Prana or Energy that dwells within you. The harmony created within is then radiated without, balancing your presence within and without your world. Our centering strength dwells and abounds with grace and ease.
Yoga is not something we “Do”, it is something that we Are! How we show up to anything in life is always a matter of the heart. The practice of being present, available and aware. There is only love and then the resistance to love. When we open ourselves to love and to be loved we experience oneness, connection and confirmation. Yoga literally means “to yoke” or “Union”.
Yoga allows us to step back from the busyness and pause… brings clarity and invites us to create a clear Intention. Cultivating Intention is a fundamental discipline of mindfulness that reaps benefits way beyond the physical practice of Yoga. The power of anything can be found in the strength of intention.
Yoga is Inspired by stillness. A quiet solitude for the mind. Yoga inspires breathe in movement, discovering your edge without pushing into pain. Defying gravity while healing beyond the realm of reason. Inspiring courage to show up and gratitude for the presence of finding yourself right where you are, never to be the same again.
Yoga meets you where you are. Each time you meet yourself on your mat, you discover something new. Releasing what no longer serves you in order to connect to that which is coming for you is a sacred dance, an alchemy for the soul. There is nothing more sacred than to heal thyself. Yoga invites you to remember your wholeness and supports you to return to being whole over and over again.
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When we are afraid, we have a choice.

When we are afraid, we have a choice. You can run, which looks like denial and avoidance or you can face it. When you face it, call your fear on the carpet, meet it nose to nose, trembling even, it is a Sacred act that will allow the grace of Courage to rise! The weapon for fear is action. SHOW UP! And the reward for action is movement, growth, change, faith, power and strength. The more we ACT, the greater our gifts appear. Reducing Fear and illuminating Courage. I WILL BE WELL is a call to action for all of those looking for movement, strength and courage to heal, grow and become a more radiant in a joyful and balanced life. Answer the call, join the movement, be guided well.

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Grateful for Greatness



For what would you peacefully endure? For whom would you fearlessly stand?

Greatness is not complicated. Its the consistent unshakable position of peace not easily tempted by the illusion of scarcity nor the fear of failure.

When we reach a point where we simply can not go any further, will tolerate no longer, can’t breathe unless we make a change… Greatness is being born!

Greatness is within all of us. The accumulated pressure of saying yes to your calling, saying no more to what robs you of joy, saying never again to what no longer serves you … All lead to greatness bring born within you and therefore greatness in the world around you. The most resistance you will ever experience is in that birthing moment.
The difference between being greatness or how far reaching our greatness will go depends on the level of peace we are committed to…

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…2015!

On the eve of 2015, I am inspired by the energy of confidence. “Confidence, is knowing yourself on a deep intimate level and then sharing yourself with the world.” Confidence comes from Love. And Love… is superior to intelligence. So to truly know oneself, is to love oneself. And through that Love we discover our gifts that we give to the world confidently, as an expression of love.20140621-113429.jpg

I encourage you this new years eve, not to evaluate all of the ways you will change in the new year. Resist the traditional temptation to set resolutions of failure like losing the same 20 pounds, finally get organized, or once and for all begin a healthy lifestyle.

For 2015, get to know yourself in a deeper way. Discover the creative power within you. Be a better friend to yourself and speak kindly with encouragement. Be honest about how your relationships make you feel. Be interested in the things that truly excite you! For this year, let us lay down the whip that beats our will into submission to change all of the things we hate about ourselves and our lives and instead pick up a watering can, a shovel, and let the sunshine in! Our lives are to be discovered and experienced not manufactured and endured. So often I find myself redefining the word “Discipline” with clients when entering the action phase in the coaching process. Discipline is not the harsh authoritarian that pushes you through your own resistance in order to achieve what you think you are supposed to want for your life! Discipline, is oxygen to your dreams! Its a resource for life that you can access and apply at any time! Discipline is the most honest action of love and reverence we can make to respond to the powerful spirit within us. Discipline is the faithfulness necessary in the pursuit of happiness, the freedom of creation and the creation of your greatest life.

20131207-094557.jpgSo today, lets dream. Look forward into the new year opening up to us with compassion, excitement and clarity. Who are you and how can you better express the authenticity of the unique life entrusted only to you? Let Success in 2015 be measured by moments of saying yes to new experiences, regular expressions of gratitude, loving habits of movement and breathing deeply, creative exploration of your inner self and artistic expression of life through your work.


Alchemy of Rain

Your rain washes my worry and bathes my crackled mind. The chatter as it scatters itself upon the clay earth speaks to me…silence yourself. Be with me. Just as you are… In this moment of clarity. Breathe me in and renew the spirit of your mind. Let my message saturate you deeply within and tend to the parched roots of your souls disappointment. Who waters the shady tree of doubt? Who douses the flames of ignited anticipation? Who yields the plains of carefully intended sources of connection? Who harvests the heirloom joy and honors it conception… Who, I say, but you?
Your mighty delivery of abundant apathy soaks my soul of uncertainty and quenches my thirst for affirmity.
Your damp embrace encourages me. Your lingering drip soothes me.
Replenished, I draw myself up from the barren wells of sadness and raise my brow… Free to create again the beauty of me. Permission to receive your alchemy. In balance and non-striving to Be.



Suffering is the motivational catalyst of transformation. The gift from the universe in order to inspire us not too settle. Rarely are we moved to haul for change while sitting in the lap of luxury. In fact history has shown time and time again that undusturbed stagnated forms of monocropping always lead to sabotage, self distruction, or extinction. What we need is diversity. The universal permaculture principle of balance and sustainability. If we don’t move things around or switch things up… We become disturbed as our attempt to be restored to balance. Returned To living.